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Alamak Operator Application / Cheque or Money Order

 New Accounts or Renewals by Mail

This form is to Renew existing Operator accounts or apply for a New Operator account by Cheque, Money Order, or Currency.

 Renewals Challenge Answer Not Required

For Renewal you will be asked for a Challenge Question and Challenge Answer. If you have never had a Challenge Question or Challenge Answer the question will be "my old permanent password?". If you know the Challenge Answer please enter it below, if you do not remember please enter a new Challenge Question and Answer. Once payment is recieved we will renew the account and update your Challenge Question and Answer if enough of your other information matches and the account belongs to you.

 New Accounts

For new accounts please enter a Challenge Question and Answer. Set your Challenge Question to help you remember your Challenge Answer. Do not use something that is easy to guess from the Question. For example 'my mothers maiden name?' and 'smithenson' would be a good Challenge Question/Answer pair but 'the first 3 letters of the alphabet?' 'abc' would be a very bad Challege Question/Answer pair.

 Passwords and Security

Do not use passwords like 'love', 'password', 'secret', names, birthdates, or keyboard sequences like '12345' and 'querty' as they are used in cracker databases. Also, sometimes hackers try to pose as Alamak staff or use fake login pages to capture members passwords. Alamak will never email you or ask for passwords. Make sure you are logging into Alamak not a fake look-alike site, don't use the same password on other sites, and please use our secure login.

 POSB or DBS Bank Transfer in Singapore

Applicants in Singapore can also pay by internet bank transfer or ATM transfer from DBS or POSB bank accounts and should use this form to get a reference number before making payment.

 Account Levels

Account Levels - Renewed accounts are restored with old OPID and Level calculated based on original signup date. Policy may change but currently account level increases even while expired.

 How to make Payment

Details for payment will be provided after completing this form.

Please select a payment location below then submit.

Method of payment and office location will be provided after completing this form. We ask Renewals and New account both to fill out this form so we can keep your account information up-to-date and to prevent unauthorized use of accounts.


Payment Location - Select Payment Location then [SUMBIT].

Fields with asterisk are required *
** Fields with asterisks before and after must be retyped and match each other **

Please don't forget your Challenge Answer

STEP 1 - Select Closest Office